Make Today the Happiest Day in your Life

Don't worry, be happy

Don’t worry, be happy

“At what point did you stop doing what you love and start doing everything else?” AT&T Print Advertisement: New York Times

I’m not quite sure when it started, but a lot of conversations now seem to be about health. I’m the youngest of 10 kids. Luckily, 9 of them are still on the go, leaving aside various bumps and bruises. So, when we meet up my siblings seem to endlessly swop war stories on Medical Condition A versus Medical Condition B. Linda’s Mam and Dad have also had a tough run on the medical front. The GPS in her car automatically heads towards Beaumont hospital if she doesn’t re-programme it! As a family, we are turning into a walking Wikipedia on medicine.

Health Matters: Why is this important? Because tomorrow we will look back at how healthy we are today. We will understand how stupid we were to obsess about pay cuts, about selling that 2nd apartment or having to hang onto a 2008-registered car when our neighbour has a shiny new one. We will come to realize that, in the greater scheme of things, none of this matters. What does matters is that we are (relatively) healthy. The odd virus, chest infection or in-growing toenail doesn’t count (walk on ahead, just ignore me limping).

Yesterday is past and we can’t control it. Tomorrow is yet to happen and we can only anticipate it.   The only real control we have is over today. And just like the line that ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing’, we have to learn to steer our thoughts positively. Perhaps steal some of the Robert Herrick’s (16th Century author) philosophy – made famous in the movie Dead Poet’s Society.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,

Old time is still a-flying;

And this same flower that blooms today,

Tomorrow will be dying.

If you can make ‘today’ the happiest day of your life (and keep repeating it), you are destined to have a very happy life. Some years ago, on my way to a beach in Australia, I came across a surfer on his way back from a session. “How was it?” I asked. His response: “Better than not going.” We all have to enjoy what we’ve got and to mentally sort the ‘important few from the trivial many’.

God, I could do with that surfboard now. But, just to lie on. It would be great for my bad back!


I Need Your Help: I’m currently writing a book on Educational Disadvantage – trying to understand why some groups (socio-economic disadvantaged, disabled, older learners, Travellers etc) don’t complete the education journey and what could be done to ‘fix’ this. 100 years on,  that ‘promise’ made in the Proclamation to ‘protect all the children of the nation equally’ is looking a bit thin! How could you help? Well, you might have some views on the following questions (1) If you had zero € to spend, how would you widen access  and tackle educational disadvantage? (2) Same question – but this time you €1 billion to spend.  What exactly would you do?  Please send your ideas to <> or call me on 087-2439019 if you’d prefer to chat about this.

PS I know it’s an old one but John McGlynn claims that his headstone inscription (he’s definitely a Hypochondriac) will read: “Now, you’ll believe me!”

 Lighter Note: The Jewish Princess: Am American guy wanted to marry his Jewish girlfriend but her family insisted that he would have to get circumcised. So, he asked her brother about the procedure:

“Does it hurt”?

Her brother said: “I can’t really remember. I had it done when I was six weeks old”.

The fiancé was insistent. “Tell me the truth. Is it brutal”?

The brother replied: “Look, I don’t remember the pain but I’ll tell you one thing. I couldn’t walk for a year afterwards”.

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About Tandem Consulting

Paul Mooney holds a Ph.D. and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Industrial Sociology from Trinity College, along with a National Diploma in Industrial Relations (NCI). He has a post-Graduate Diploma and a Masters in Coaching from UCD. Paul, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, is widely recognised as an expert on organisation and individual change. He began his working life as a butcher in Dublin before moving into production management. He subsequently held a number of human resource positions in Ireland and Asia - with General Electric and Sterling Drug. Between 2007 and 2010, Paul held the position of President, National College of Ireland. Paul is currently Managing Partner of Tandem Consulting, a team of senior OD and change specialists. He has run consulting assignments in 20+ countries and is the author of 12 books. Areas of expertise include: • Organisational Development/Change & conflict resolution • Leadership Development/Executive Coaching • Human Resource Management/employee engagement
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One Response to Make Today the Happiest Day in your Life

  1. midwifesean says:

    Pondering on your questions I wonder if the groups you suggest have no peer examples and have to walk an unnavigated path . It’s common enough that doctors offspring become doctors , solicitors similarly and TDs bequeath their seats .
    Someone needs to plant the seed of ambition and benefit of education . Dedicated seed sowers . A kid given a plausible vision of what could be, if they dared to dream .
    Us working class heroes usually dared to be ambitious following a visionary conversation that suggested a path to a fulfilling job .
    No money involved in that . There would be need to positively target the groups in need of help .
    Access to grants and financial assistance / guidance to make the path more accessible would help.
    When I did my nurse education it was more apprentice style . Paid because it was education and work combined . I would’ve found it difficult to do full time education without a source of income . Self reliance costs money .
    If I had a billion to throw at the issue I suppose I would target the groups with grants and scholarships .
    But at the end of the day I think it’s a self driven journey . I think some are unaware that there is another life that’s possible . Poverty of parental education blinkers some from possibilities , where only a seed sowing life coach can maybe open a kids mind .
    If the only place you know to go on holiday is Ibiza you’ll never see Jerusalem , unless you meet someone who has .
    Good luck Dr Paul .

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